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Tips To Prepare For Board Examination

Boards are considered to be the stepping stone for one’s future. It not only reviews our skills and knowledge but also helps us to get a future education, by getting us into some of the prestigious colleges.

‘You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending,’ that simply means that you cannot change the marks, after getting your result. Thus it is of prime importance for the students to excel in their boards. As the examination is nearing, this is the best time to boost up the study and decide the strategy for the examination.


Here are few tips to follow to score well on boards:


(i) Prepare a strategic plan- For students, it is essential to go in a planned way, so as to avoid confusion. Planning the time for studies should be such that you don’t get too exhausted while studying. Also one shall take an optimum amount of rest to make your mind work efficiently. This helps to improve your concentration for studies.


(ii) Practice all subjects- Many times, students only focus on one subject for a long time, but this could be a waste of time. It is required to study subjects in a rotation, such as after completing one topic of mathematics like Triangles, Quadrilateral, one should shift for preparation other subject as well, such as topics of chemistry and then physics or science. This helps to get us prepared for all the subjects and also maintain the attention of the student for studies, without getting them bored.


(iii) Mock Test- It is quite evident that the more problems we solve before an examination, the more chances we have of solving them during the actual exam. Mocks help to reveal our strong and weak area. This helps students to self-evaluate and work for their improvement. A continuous practice will also help them to stay focused and cover almost all the topics that can be asked in their exam. Also, students will develop speed and accuracy, which will help them to attempt all the questions in the actual examination.


(iv) Remain Calm & Confident- In spite of a lot of practice and good preparation, the majority of students cannot perform well in their maths exam. The main reason for this could be due to lack of confidence or due to nervousness during the time of examination. Thus it is mandatory for the students to remain stress-free. A calm mind is bound to do well. A peaceful mind brings confidence which helps us to excel in the examination.


All these techniques can be a great relief for students who desire to perform well in their examination.


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Updated: February 28, 2018 — 8:36 pm

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