Best Security Cameras Under INR 5000

The crime and theft are increasing day by day and it is becoming very important to keep your home and you family secured. The best way to have budget friendly security 24*7 is to fit a security camera at your home.

You would be looking for a perfect security and camera and getting confused with what you have to choose and what not. So here we are to help you in this confusion. Below we have listed the best security cameras under 5000. Go through the list and select the best camera that will satisfy all your requirements.

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  1. Vimtag CP3-3.0 MP WiFi home security camera

A Vimtah CP3 wifi home security camera is a perfect camera for home security and to remote monitors your property. It can also be used to monitor your business premises. This security camera can also be used as webcam for video conference and for communicating with your relatives. They offer perfect service to protect your home when you are away.

Vimtage CP3 wifi home security camera has many amazing features that are listed below:

  • It comes with a night vision. It can see everything even when the lights are off. It has infra red rays and will record in black and white color.
  • You can monitor from multiple devices. It supports devices like PCs, MACs, and even the Linux devices.
  • This security camera allows you to control pan, tilt, and even zoom. You simply need to slide your finger over the screen and you will get the view you want.
  • The setting up process is very easy.
  • It offers you a crystal clear HD video.
  • It can alert you with any movement that happens in your house when you are away.
  • It has built in microphone that allows you to see everything.
  1. D3D TH661 WiFi home security camera

The D3D TH661 WiFi home security camera offers solution to various problems of your life regarding security. This camera offers security to your family 24*7. You can live monitor your home with having any complicated wiring and you can easily set it up. It has very attractive features which will be beneficial for you to select a perfect security camera for your needs.

  • It has a smart wireless WiFi IP camera.
  • It offers live video monitoring at any time and from anywhere.
  • It can easily detect any kind of motions in your home when you are away from your home.
  • It has two way audio monitoring.
  • It records the videos in multiple levels.
  • It can clearly view the videos even at night.
  • It does not require any DVR or hard disk.
  • You can live view on your smart phone and PC with 360 degree rotation.
  1. Secureye SIP-1HD-DIR 1.3MP security camera

The Secureye SIP-1HD-DIR 1.3MP security camera is also one of the perfect solutions for your security issues. See below all the specifications of this attractive camera.

  • It offers a panoramic view which means that it can view each and every corner of your room.
  • You can access your camera by connecting it to your Smartphone and PC.
  • It can detect any kind of motion in your house in your absence and also alert you.
  • It is very easy and simple to setup with your WiFI.
  • It has a fish eye view which allows you to choose the view according to your desires.
  • It gives you a clear view even in the dark.
  • It has a SD card that supports camera recording up to 128GB.
  • It has a built in Mic and speakers which allows you two way communications.
  1. Machsmart 5MP 1080P wireless IP security camera

The Machsmart 5MP 1080 wireless IP security camera offers a lot of specifications to satisfy all your needs.

  • The video is very clear during the day time. It can clearly see a person’s face and also the number plate of any vehicle.
  • The vision during the night allows you to clearly see up to 98 feet.
  • It is very strong and can withstand rough weather, and vandal resistant, and even during the storm it remain as it is.
  • The noise quality is good as it eliminates excess environmental noise for clearer sound quality.
  • It has accurate motion detection and can instantly alert during theft or any unexpected threat.
  • It can be quickly installed within 5 minutes.
  • You can easily use it on your Smartphone.
  1. Hikvision Ds-2ce 3MP Exir Bullet Surveillance camera

If you have any doubts regarding the Hikvision Ds-2ce Exir Bullet Surveillance camera has amazing specifications which will clear all your doubts regarding this camera.

  • It does not require any dvr or hard disk. You just need to plug in the camera with power supply and monitor and you are ready to get the live view on your mobile phone.
  • The camera is fixed and you can zoom in/out.
  • It has cloud recording that keeps your recordings safe even if the camera gets stolen.
  • It has a slot for SD card and does not require any computer. The images are recorded in the SD card.

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