Iga Swiatek Beats Jessica Pegula an Austrailian Tennis Player

Pagula brought her game up in the subsequent set and constrained Swiatek to raise hers

Mary Jo Fernandez asks Swiatek; "I'm attempting to keep my expectations low." Fascinating

She Said; The ball was going sort of high. Please accept my apologies on the off chance that it was irritating

The group has gone out for ice cream. This was all the more a Court 5 group as opposed to an Arthur Ashe Arena swarm

So it’s been a shorter night for me than last night, but thanks for following along, and enjoy the Alcaraz-Sinner contest

Swiatek serves and lays out control, driving one hard to Pegula's strike. The return sits pleasantly for her. Match point (6-4)

Swiatek serves, and Pagula crushes spirit. 4-3 Swiatek. Pegula serves, and Swiatek fires a certain champ. 5-3 Swiatek'