What did Chiefs' Chris Jones share with Matt Ryan for game-turning unsportsmanlike punishment?

An unsportsmanlike lead passed out to Kansas City star protective lineman Chris Jones for something he shared with Indianapolis quarterback Matt Ryan.

"It was oppressive language towards a rival," arbitrator Shawn Smith said after the game

ones told the Kansas City Star. "I must improve at of playing the game and not uttering a word, clearly

From its hints, the Bosses cautious tackle and the Foals quarterback were trading words this way and that, and Jones crossed a line

"I thought we were having a discussion with each other, yet no one can really tell how the situation is playing out," Jones said. "He might have heard something that wasn't permitted.

Jones was hailed after Ryan was dropped for a third-down sack by Kansas City linebacker Scratch Bolton in Foals' domain with 5:06 excess

Dolphins remain undefeated with 21-19 victory against division rival Buffalo Bills